Undergraduates Programmes

1. School of Medicine and Clinical Sciences

                             1.1 Degree Programmes

•      Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

•      BSc in Clinical Sciences

•      BSc in Clinical Anaesthesia

•      BSc in Clinical Ophthalmology

•      BSc in Optometry

•      BSc in Mental Health and Clinical Psychiatry

                             1.2 Advanced Diploma Courses

•      Adv. Dip in Clinical Anaesthesia

•      Adv. Dip in Clinical Ophthalmology

                            1.3 Diploma Courses

•      Dip in Dental Therapy 

•      Dip in Dental Technology

•      Dip in Clinical Medical Sciences General

•      Dip in Clinical Medical Sciences Psychiatry

•      Dip in Optometry

•      Dip in Emergency Medical Care

                            1.4 Certificate Courses

•      Cert. in Community Health Assistants (HIV Medics)

•      Cert. in Dental Assisting

•      Cert. in Emergency Medical Care

 2. School of Nursing

                           2.1 Degree Programmes

•      BSc in Nursing 

•      BSc in Ophthalmic Nursing

•      BSc in Midwifery

•      BSc in Public Health Nursing

•      BSc in Mental Health Nursing

                   2.2 Advanced Diploma Courses

•      Adv. Dip in Ophthalmic Nursing 

                           2.3 Diploma Courses

•      Dip in Registered Nursing

•      Dip in Midwifery

•      Dip in Public Health Nursing

•      Dip in Registered Mental Health Nursing

3. School of Public Health and Environmental Sciences

                            3.1 Bachelors Programmes

•      BSc in Public Health

•      BSc in Environmental Health

•      BSc in Public Health Nutrition

                           3.2  Diploma Courses

•      Dip in Public Health

•      Dip in Environmental Health Sciences

4. School of Health Sciences

                       4.1 Degree Programmes

•      Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

•      Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

               4.2 Diploma Courses

•      Diploma in Biomedical Sciences

5. Institute of Basic and Biomedical Sciences

•      Dip. in General Counselling

•      BA  in Counselling

•      Post Graduate Dip. in Medical Education